On , Chile granted work, study or residence visas to immigrants coming from Panamá. Most of these immigrants estos arrived to , mainly to the comuna of .


Most of the immigrants coming from Panamá are . This has been a tendency since .

Most of the immigrants coming from Panamá are people ages , followed by ages . The former represent a of the total in , which translates into a change of since .


of the visas granted to immigrants from Panamá was given to people with a Technical or University degree, while have an academic degree equivalent to chilean High School. The number of visas granted to immigrants coming from Panamá with higher education has decremented between and .

By contrast, declare not having any formal education, and don't disclose their education level.


Most of the visas given in to immigrants coming from Panamá are for , and represent of all the visas given to immigrants from Panamá.



Imports & Exports

There's no data on internation trade between Chile and Panamá in the recent years.

Origin & Destination
International Trade Balance

Between 2011 and 2016, exports to Panamá have registered an a decrement of 0.0%. In nominal terms, this means a decrease of US$ 0.00 FOB in 2011, to US$ 0.00 FOB in 2016.

In 2016, Chile had a negative trade balance with Panamá, which favored Panamá in US$ 0.00 .